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Angielskie czasowniki nieregularne w zdaniach - beat

Base Form beat / Past Simple beat / Past Participle beaten / Gerund beating

I often beat my friends at chess.
Jack is usually beaten by Mary in poker.
Johnson is beating Anderson in the boxing match.
Anderson is being beaten by Johnson in the boxing match.
Peter has beaten me at least fifty times at chess.
I've have been beaten at chess at least fifty times by Peter.
Jennifer beat me last week.
I was beaten by Jennifer last week.
I was beating Peter in that game when you walked in the door.
Peter was being beaten when you walked in the door.
Tom had beaten Jane at least ten times before Jane finally won a match.
Jane had been beaten by Tom at least time times before she finally won a match.
I will beat you the next time we play.
She will be beaten in the next match.
Look! Jack is going to beat Mark.
Look! Mark is going to be beaten by Jack.
This time next week, I'll be beating you in our rematch.
By the time you read this, he will have been beaten by his opponent.
I thinks she might beat Ralph in the next game.
If she continues like this, she will be beat her opponent.
If she played better, she would beat Jack.
If Peter had concentrated more, he would have beaten his opponent.
He should beat Mark.
They must have beaten their opponents. They are so much better at chess!

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