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Angielskie czasowniki nieregularne w zdaniach - to be

  Jako że nauka zdań to jedyny moim zdaniem sensowny sposób na opanowanie gramatyki, a jakoś nigdy nie udało mi się jak należy wbić do głowy tabelki z czasownikami nieregularnymi( bo to tabelka!) - znalazłam na to własny sposób:)

Base Form be /Past Simple was-were / Past Participle been / Gerund being

He is a good friend.
I am from Poland
You are an idiot!
I've been a teacher for many years.
She was an excellent tennis player when she was young.
They were there yesterdayPeter had been to the office before they arrived.
She will be here soon.
Mary is going to be late for the meeting.
She'll have been here for two weeks by next Friday.
They might be at the party.
If you hurry up, we will be on time.
If you were here, I would be happy.
If Jack had been at the party, she would have spoken with him.
You should be more careful.
He can't have been on time!

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